Let me Write

I want to write

About the times

When life and love

got defined.

About grand ma’s stories

If right and wrong

Where princess rescued

And evil dethroned

About father’s tales

Of valiant and strong

Where heroes rewarded

And villian thrown

About pale moon light

of magical throne

Where fairies  dances

On nightingale’s song

About innocent lives

Of childhood days

Where smile giggled

With childish play

About those nights

With shadows bright

When stars made images

And breeze kissed eyes

About scars of freedom

When wound was no pain

When life was innocence

No loss no gain

About the raindrops

Getting wet with peers

When rain was not

The veil of tears

About the charm

of candy and gum

And the craving

For sweet vacation

I want to write

About untainted life

When small things

Gave Godly delight……..



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