How you like my Art sir?

How you like my Art sir?

Oh! You are dishonest,

You have not credited the

Workers who made colors,

Canvas, oh! You have

Not credited those who

Helped in growth of trees

From which your brush was made

And your canvas stand in place,

You have not credited creator of world

Which help you think this way

Bloody moron, you have not credited

Them who made you,

You are simply dishonest ,

You don’t pay credits

To those who kept you alive,

Who gave you food and who gave you life,

You have not credited the one

Who made Earth and universe,

You are the idiot  who have no cause.


But sir how can I know whom to credit ?

That’s a lame excuse

Go and search for them

I am an artist and

I won’t be silent till

You credit them all

Sir but this is Digital Art…….

Oh! Then go and credit those,

Who discovered material used

To make computers, who discovered

Electricity, then who discovered

Computer, digital art , programs

So my friend this list goes on and on

But In the end let me thank

Those who discovered

Language and words

And helped me to write on……


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