Addiction, false or real. But still too much constant is its presence, that we cannot give up the web its weaving around us.

sometimes life seems lost and whether its breath or its heartbeat, these seems mere illusion.

You cannot hold fast the time in your fist, you have to let go of everything, every little hooks holding you together,

At times even the soul becomes burden, your body cannot handle it, what remains is to let go of it.

Desire to pray hard so,that one divine power can show you the way, so that your soul could answer whether to mock the life you lived, which seemed to be real and in the end turned out to be illusion OR to end the chain of these emotions, this biased presence of you in your so called WORLD.

Confused! yes that’s what I am……. totally confused……….. Maybe because I have crossed time or came too far, Greedily feeding my

Addiction to see the brave new world , I came across my limited sky …….And how lonesome now I feel………



4 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Fleeting moments…Grabbing the brass ring…a ring that means nothing. My breath, and my heartbeat are in unison! I am addicted to both, and I let go! The universal spirit always leads me to where I need to go! And again, Iet go and drift to where I am supposed to be, floating on the wind of time and space! Every day is a brand new world and I am happy that I wake up every morning and each day I look forward to the ride!

    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy my posts! Hugs to you! ^..^ B

    1. Moments worthy of Addiction ……….. let go of all pessimism, when breath and heartbeat are in unison , that’s the moment , all I need…. so that so that I could also say that ……… What I prefer is Let go !……..
      Thanks you I would love to read your posts…….

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