Transcending Plains

Worlds of senses and perception

Mingling together with each other

Some worlds tangible we can see

While others are present just like dream

Dumb beast see the world at different

Frequencies, but they have no voice to speak

The other worlds tendencies

On different planes, co-exists many worlds

Our senses sometimes perceives their thrust

Those who completely see the unseen

We call them saints and deities

Our human senses are too compressed

To see the presence of others in reflect

When the light of other world creates mystery

We call it DÉJÀ VU or sixth sense feast

The process of climb is not material

It’s to make one’s perception clear

To reach the position of the high eternity

And embrace the presence of

Different worlds tangled in the

World you see and presence

Of those your co-species

Which your material senses

Has always denied

This is the true nature of everyone’s CLIMB…….




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