I don’t understand them,

They are being a charade for me,

Sometimes asked to pray without expectation,

And I believed them, every bit of them,

Then suddenly asked to pray for trivial satisfaction,

I got confused, now I am afraid of them,

I don’t know what to do,

I shouted not to follow their view,

They resolved their thoughts and said,

I am afraid of God, and I don’t know you,

Why they want me to resolve with you,

When I know that I am you,

You are my very presence, there is no distance,

You provide me with what I need, and

Keep away from me what is not me,

Why they want me to pray for what they desire?

For their sake I opted so much and,

Should I be silent now for their sake too?

I think this will help, but I am not resolute,

You know what is better for me, and

I with all my heart wait for you to command,

I know soon you will answer all,

As you are my alter egos,

I once again need your support as I do………




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