True is my love, it is just a claim,

For human minds it is just a game

To know the real meaning, shut your reasons aside,

Get dissolved in nature, where true love resides,

Trees love spring, which give them bloom,

They wait for it, through long wintry gloom,

Phoenix knows the essence of love of life,

It burns itself into ashes to make a new arise,

Nightingale love of melody of beautiful sprite,

So she sings her sweet song to fill the night,

Love is when bird pushes her baby in the throng,

To raise them up, to make their wings strong,

True love is in the relation of ocean and moon,

Oceans effort to touch it, when it is full in bloom,

Love like the flower with adverse thorns it lies,

Love like the birds in reverse winds they flies,

Love like animals without seeing right and wrong,

Love like season same for all, however big or small,

Love everything despite of all your likes or dislikes,

Love is wisdom on which universal truth relies……..




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