First Breathe…………birth

With the first breathe in world,

Life is compressed of its path,

Which come in world to live

Are forced to the survival start,

Grading people decide the future marks,

Innocent dreams are crushed in blunt remark,

Worldly bounds decide the toddler’s fate,

Uniqueness is lost in artificial space.


In the nature’s path pretty soul’s travel,

With love, care and freewill forever,

Everyone is free to develop in own way,

Every soul is mended for particular destiny,

Every bird Glide in its own flight,

And butterflies grab their colors in pride,

Fishes swing to the ocean knows no bound,

So are the seeds loves every ground,


Should it be possible we human are fools?

Most intelligent creation forgot nature’s rule,

All born have their own distinct plan,

Have own motives and unique stance,

Each spirit in world has its own attire,

Not to be kindled by foreign fire,

Inner voice of each has different inspiration,

That cannot be heard in single relation


Let those innocent smiles live in bloom,

Let every child make their own rule,

Has any genius be produced by imitation?

Only quirky breathes gave new creation,

Let’s exploration take sail instead of exploitation,

And create the all new colorful designation,

Let the souls of God explore their sight,

Let them aspire high on their own flight…….




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