Matched though unmatched

Matched though Unmatched………………(A love story)


A dog and a cat, crossed each other’s path,

They fall for each other in the very start,

Dog started to woo his new sweetheart,

That was the effect of blind cupid’s dart,

“O! How similar we are” exclaimed the Dog

“With four legs to run and fur full of spots”

We are just like each other , they dreamt every day,

Cat musing around, O! How he loves my sound

They both licked milk from the same tray,

And chased little mouse on their dream date,


When superiors put caution to their climb,

They pledged for love, saying that’s not a crime,

At last after revolution they joined their hands,

Others waiting for the outcome of their stand,

For sometime new marriage was full of bloom,

But as time passed life turned to gloom,

Where they found similarity now difference arise,

And none of them was ready for compromise,

Dog brought bone for special supper,

Cat rejected by saying why she should suffer?

Cat irritated by bark of dog,

Dog barking hard in midnight fog,

Many were issues they tried to resolve,

But now they stand for relation to dissolve,


Know truly before you commit to someone,

Don’t make blind fall compel your reason………….



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