Broken spirit

Often, or every other day, same question is repeated,

That same why? But the answers remain still concealed.

                       Day by day, this stale life is taking hold of my

Breathe, someone said I” you are masked”; it’s true yes,

 I am masked, my face which everyone sees and loved by all

Smiling forever it’s all a fake, and inside it I die everyday

I pray vigorously to stop this game. I am fed up of these beats

Pumping inside me, I won to hide my bleeding soul inside

This smiling face………..

                    But to the deep core of my heart I am lost and failed

This drama might end someday when, when this all cross the

Limits of my endurance, or maybe I have to endure more of it,

I don’t know but some day, maybe, I will wait for that some day…………………


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