Lyrically Abandoned

Seems my muse had abandoned me

To wander in some blooming dream

Surrendering my verses to the infirmity

No words strike, how much I care

She has no second on me to spare

It feels like I had lost my sanity


Is she upset with me, or it’s her anger?

Or maybe she is in carnival I wonder

Oh! What should I do to find my angel?

Should I pray for her sweet entangle?


Is she drunk with the spirit of freedom?

Or maybe she is drowsy with affliction of love

Where should I search for my lost guardian?

Tell me faithful spirits, Is my muse up above?

Come back my companion, come my soul

With your wings of inspiration

Come aspire my hearts behold

Come back to me my mystic feel

Take hold of me my imaginations gleam

Oh! Come back to me my divinity………….





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