Moon Dream………

So luminous, bright and of majestic size

On the fringes of terrace plain

I behold it first in mirrors reflection

Then, I looked at its true shining flame


Ah! Divine, I wished to capture its essence

In my soul forever, its dazzle in my life

There I stood on the fence of chance

Mute in its glow, gliding in trance


But oh! What happened next broke my silence

The lustrous glow was lost in night’s curtain

It now stood there in sadness gleam

What happened to the most magical beam?


There, I heard a thud as of lightening fall

I rushed towards the noise to see the drop

It was an unbelievable sight for me to behold

The moon goddess, unconscious fallen like snow


Ripped out of energy in dead like sleep

There she lies with mild beam flaunting

Draped in the robe of flawless white

Embellished with the pearls of moonlit shine


In arms I grabbed her with tearful eyes

Oh! How my muse has fallen from shrine

My goddess of creativity, I fed her honey

I revived her back to her flaring stream


She went back to her throne of divine

Smiling again in her beautiful shine

For once I helped my deity in flight

This was the dream I had last night…………………






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