Tears of comfort

Tears are best lullaby,

Crying hard can make stone,

A comfortable cradle and

Peaceful zone, to clear,

The dust in your eyes,

And have a well loved,

Sleep in your pearly tears,

In song of depression,

Or in being alone.


To make you know that miracles,

Which you are waiting for are

No great powers, but minds flow,

You are a fool, still looking for

The change that miracle provide,

Its your tears that make you realize

That miracle cannot survive in

deluded minds.


Look my dear open your eyes,

No one is ready for change,

Their words are flowery speech

Of bounded minds,

To make you feel illusion,

Everything is a false creation,

Now wake up and smile,

Because miracles are

vanished in rationality,

and here is the end

of your fairy life.





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