Elemental Soul

A tale, written deliberately in nature’s fragrance

Extracted out of the ink of five elements

Carrying the message of unseen belonging

On the heart of resonating powerful energy


The fire of passion in every sight

Lashing out through binding chains

Holding pride in every burning flake

Flamingo in the future’s light


Molded in the lowliness of Earth

Deep in the roots of generation’s survive

With strong grab on the glided time

Smiling towards the upcoming strife


Heir to the lighted wings of faith

Walking in winds with eternal rhyme

Beauty of breeze in pacing dream

Flaunting in every move of space


As elementary as ocean wide

Heart of pearls in oyster deep

Lost in deepest trench of time

Living on zenith of majestic peak


Conventional embracing mystery of flow

Growing in the transcendental glow

Dwelling within every sparks of divine

Repeatedly dancing in the spirit sublime


Five elements living a surrealist dream

Making, breaking in universal gleam

A speck of element holding soul

A forgetful spirit in worldly role………….




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