Moon Disc

Floating disc of shining moon,

Of bright beautiful starry night,

My soul has longed for thee at times,

To begin its spiritual flight,

I have craved for your innocent touch,

I have cried , for your sight,

Waiting has numbed my heart and veins,

It’s still s pain of delight,

For fifteen long silent nights,

I have stared in the frightful dark.


Now don’t shun me with those cloudy veils,

Don’t hurt me by hiding your face,

I hear you are giggling behind your mask,

I know my struggles make you laugh,

I lie here now crushed at your feet,

I am your supplicant rip out my heart,

Or, fulfill my wish and grant my desire,

Hear my prayers “ O! goddess “I admire,

Pray help me take my spiritual flight,

And spread my wings in thy florescent light.





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