Solitary River

On the bank of river

I sat solitary

With my two lovers

Dream and sensibility

Wilfully passing instance

Devouring nature by glance

Enjoying every minute passed

Unheeded of times task


Miracle of universe

Captured my heart

When dusking sun gave

Evening a start

Stars were missing

In the light

But new born moon

Entered with smile


Over the bridge

Staring at river

The glowing disc

Gave me shiver

Or was it the breeze?

That flowed silently

Which gave me mood

Of ripe ecstasy


I don’t remember

As I was lost

In the twinkle of lamps

In rivers flow

Pacing in water

Like tiny dots


Music of chants

Resounded at far

And clapping hands

Gave me start

Twilight was passed

Darkness veiled the sun

But moon still shining

As youth has begun


Casting the light

On the dark ripples

Flowing fluorescent

Towards bank it travelled

Rushing with waves

It touched the place

For one heavenly hour

In moonlight I bathe……….





6 thoughts on “Solitary River

      1. I would take effort to keep up….. and hope to deliver much more pleasure with my creation……….. 🙂 thanks for beautiful reply

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