Silly yet addicted Life

A shadow familiar to fragile heart
A dreamt infusion of the past
Flowers of remembrance in unregistered beam
An intangible part of half remembered dream

A solitary wish in emptied palm
A fantasy woven by myriad reality
Fruitless addiction in shuttered eyes
Living in illusion which world denies

Irrevocably stuck in awe of thought
Dissuading all effort to retort
If it’s what insanity is all about
This moment of madness makes me proud

With quirks of silliness I run wild
Furiously screaming in happy trial
Dignified I live in my fantasy
Soothing my ingenious attire with stupidity

©ANKITA CHATURVEDIreach-for-the-sun-wallpaper-abstract-3d_00428960


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