A Familiar Stranger

Cry! My dear I won’t judge you
Nor would ask you to be strong
You can drop facade of bravado
And wail in agony you sustain
Break down the dams of unending pain
And scream for the unfairness

You can bestow your frustration on life
But for me you will be same
I promise to listen to your distress
And still won’t see you as weak
I will hold in my embrace
To shoulder you in your plight

For me you will be the angel
I saw across the road
Whose serenity tugged at my heart
And with eyes filled with shadow
Compulsion to speak to you
Just few impartial words
A desire to see you from near
And to share your sorrow

I would never forget you
Your agony, your pain, your cry
You will always be my damsel
Who shared few moments
With stranger to lose the knot of disdain




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