Wishing on star love

Yester night was a beautiful night,
Tippet of stars over blue sky,
I was gliding in dreams,
Leaving dreary world unseen,
A star among them stealth its way,
And came across to where I lay,
We talked for long about dancing brooks,
The gust of wind and butterfly troops,
What is emotion? Was the question,
Pure senses, unfiltered by reason,
What is the meaning of devotion?
To surrender without forceful notion,
What is it that meant by passion?
Exuberant desires with whirling motion,
We talked and talked about the life,
Without the thought of clock strikes,
I asked him how wishes are fulfilled?
With tears in eyes, shaking with chill,
He hold my hand and told me in thrill,
To strangers wish and heart’s desire,
My lover broke and gave her fire,
He hold dignity for her sacrifice,
She lost her life for strangers aspire,
With morning dew he retraced the path,
A tearing ending to a fairy start,
I lost my will to question again,
With aching nerves to living I went……..


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