Mosaic of shattered dreams

She consoled her shadowed heart

To yet again dream anew

Amidst broken pulse of lost beats

Surrendering for pain to renew


Battered and broken for innumerable eras

Still there flutters a pulsing life

The virgin dreams are shattered sands

Still hope not ready to silence life


Light will resume, echoes the dark

Shadows will build a beautiful spark

On broken pulse rhythm will flow

New music will amend lost souls


Shattered sands would make new mosaic

The longing will survive till the end

She would be different yet the same

Her dreams will color the shadowed trance……




Innocent Vengence

A precious petal ripped
Pierced thrashed by thorn
A place where dreams die
Vengeance pulse is born
A thousand splendid suns
Blinded by fury storm
Silence of broken wails
Waits for golden dawn

At violet hour of dusk
Icicles of helplessness shine
Pride won’t let them flow
Edging crystals for time
The thorn will forget
But not the flower
Though wounds are healed
Deep runs the scar
Be not the thorn
Nor break the dreams
Every single bloom matters
However small it may seem ……….



Nature’s love song

Carefree flight of winged imagination
There sat a master in fruitful contemplation
Organizing the heavenly union trial
Musing of Heaven as Earth’s bride

A banquet of stars and dawning sun
The moon reflecting in Wide Ocean
Deep sweet fringes of lavender essence
On soft petals resides honey dew design

Both Heaven and Earth smiling wide
Waves singing in honor of ethereal bride
No intervention of any carnal pride
Only resonating vows of natures confide

In soft breeze blushing Heaven chuckle
With ruffling of dandelions did Earth Sigh
The beatific morn with innocent smile
Revealing ballad of first loves unite




A Familiar Stranger

Cry! My dear I won’t judge you
Nor would ask you to be strong
You can drop facade of bravado
And wail in agony you sustain
Break down the dams of unending pain
And scream for the unfairness

You can bestow your frustration on life
But for me you will be same
I promise to listen to your distress
And still won’t see you as weak
I will hold in my embrace
To shoulder you in your plight

For me you will be the angel
I saw across the road
Whose serenity tugged at my heart
And with eyes filled with shadow
Compulsion to speak to you
Just few impartial words
A desire to see you from near
And to share your sorrow

I would never forget you
Your agony, your pain, your cry
You will always be my damsel
Who shared few moments
With stranger to lose the knot of disdain



Silly yet addicted Life

A shadow familiar to fragile heart
A dreamt infusion of the past
Flowers of remembrance in unregistered beam
An intangible part of half remembered dream

A solitary wish in emptied palm
A fantasy woven by myriad reality
Fruitless addiction in shuttered eyes
Living in illusion which world denies

Irrevocably stuck in awe of thought
Dissuading all effort to retort
If it’s what insanity is all about
This moment of madness makes me proud

With quirks of silliness I run wild
Furiously screaming in happy trial
Dignified I live in my fantasy
Soothing my ingenious attire with stupidity

©ANKITA CHATURVEDIreach-for-the-sun-wallpaper-abstract-3d_00428960

Perfect Sorrow

My impulse flutters

With moon’s shuffle

In butterfly wings

My thoughts travel

Fill of my veins

Trembled and muzzled

Remains in abyss

Forlorn and settled

Nothing uproars

Nothing screams

Like all stranded

In stagnated stream

Dump smell muffled

In puddle sorrow

Existence consists

Of ditched furrows

Flowing is not warm

Smiles faked charm

That seems real

Is scripted zeal

Like ever going chaos

Knowing no forego

Life seems forged

An unending lie

How much I try

Efforts end in cry………..