As the humor faded

In the stunned silence

I looked in the mirror

Bright eyes with

Unrevealed stories

And smiling lips

With secret depths

Oh! But just a

Simple person

If seen without


But with thousands

Of folds and

Depth of unraveled





Let’s play my broken dove

Let’s play a new game

Where I will force you to fly

And you’ll keep taking blame

I’ll pluck your useless feathers

And leave you to cry in vain

I will ignore your screams

And you’ll keep praying like insane


Come my beautifully broken dove

You know how much I care

I trust you’ll fulfill my dreams

But only by crushing your soul I dare

One day you’ll forget the pain

And you will see only my truth

That day you will be winner

Or you have to die like a fool…




And that shining moon is waning

Silver lining getting lost

No peeps of tomorrow

No echoes of past ghosts

Stripped and bared to the soul

Darkness gobbling tender dreams

Twisted paths never ending

Seeking unknown destinies:

Trapped in circles of

Restless time

Forever bleeding in

Constellations stymied

Crippled hearts and lost smiles

Seeking light of dignity

For stars and scars write

Stories in eternal schemes

Some on our skins and

Some in flowing streams:

Lost or found

Some handful of wishes

Just the fate of tossed dime

What’s gone has been written

In the forlorn world of time.